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(NOT VERY) funny jokes
A man called the hospital where his pregnant wife was admitted. He was accidentally connected to the Lord's Cricket Ground.

"So how did it go ?", he asked.
The person on the other side of the line said, "We've got four out and expect to have the rest out before lunch. The last one was a duck."
My wife says she's leaving me due to my obsession with cricket. I'll be honest, it's knocked me for six.
A cricket walks into a store selling goods for sports, looking to buy a baseball bat.
He walks up to the clerk, "Where are the baseball bats located, please?" The cricket asks.
The clerk is, not surprisingly, shocked to see a talking cricket. But he decides to play it cool.
"Over there," the clerk says, "Hey! Do you know we have a sport named after you?"
The cricket is shocked.
"What? You have a sport called Keith?"
I've been trying to think of a name for my Cricket shop.
But I'm stumped.
Edward took his girlfriend to a test match. Not only did she not understand the game, she was completely bored. After tea, a batsman hit a powerful six over the long on boundary. "Thank heavens! Now they got rid of the ball!" she shouted in delight. "Now we can all go home!"
How much do you know about cricket?
For the kids (and 1st team)
Q1. How many players are there on a cricket team?
Q2. What do you call the set of three wooden stumps and 2 small sticks in cricket?
Q3. How do the captains usually decide which team will bat first?
Q4. What colour kit do Test cricket players normally wear?
Q5. What is a cricket ball made of?
Q6. Which country's cricket team has won the most international trophies?
Q7. In what country did cricket come from?
Q8. What are the different parts of the match called?
Q9. What do you score in cricket: goals or runs?
Q10. What is a cricket bat made of?
For the rest of us
Q1. The sport cricket start in which century??
Q2. the sport cricket became the national sport of England in which century??
Q3. Test cricket began in??
Q4. The sport cricket governs by??
Q5. 1992 world cup held in??
Q6. In 1992 world cup Pakistan beat England by _____runs??
Q7. How many participants were there in 1992 world cup??
Q8. Who make most runs in 1992 world cup??
Q9. How much longer is the cricket pitch??
Q10. How many overs are in ODI cricket??
Q11. ODI cricket is also known as??
Q12. ODI game was developed in which century??
Q13. The first ODI match was played on??
Q14. the first ODI match was played in between??
Q15. 2019 world cup was hosted by??
Q16. how many times England has hosted ICC world cup??
Q17. The final match of 2019 world cup was played in??
Q18. How many matches were played in the 2019 world cup??
Q19. who score most runs in 2019 world cup??
Q20. The total prize of cricket world cup 2019 trophy is??
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